Suggesting sessions at Radical Librarians, Huddersfield #radlib15

RLC aims to be non-hierarchical, non-intimidatory, and – actually – fun! This ethos extends to the way we all collectively set the agenda for the day through suggestions for sessions.

As in previous years, we’ll have some time first thing during which individuals (or pairs/ small groups) with an idea for a session (no matter how fledgling!) can offer it up to the rest of the RLCers. You can make your suggestion in advance by etherpad, and use this to get an idea of what other people are planning. The idea is not to “pitch” your idea against other peoples ideas; all contributions are welcome and there is no judgement. Your idea can be fully prepared and extensively researched, or can just be a suggestion thought up on a whim. Sessions in the past have covered all sorts of aspects of radical library and information work, including (but by no means exhausting!)

  • Librarianship as a feminist issue
  • BDSM and libraries
  • Librarians and challenging the state
  • Disability and inclusivity in libraries
  • Critical theory (or, the lack of) in LIS MA courses
  • Professional ethics and copyright

Just because we’ve had these before does not preclude them as topics for this year! Other future topics could include casualisation of LIS work, LIS and race/ethnicity, corporate culture, un/under-employment, unionisation…no idea is a bad one as long as it aligns with RLC values.

In your suggestion, don’t feel like you need to be overly formal or use academic language; the more easily accessible the better. If speaking in front of a largeish group of people is not your thing, we still want to hear from you, so please consider another option:

  • Suggest via etherpad in advance; either with a friend or with an invitation for collaborators to get in touch so that you’re not alone on the day.
  • Make your suggestion anonymously via etherpad in advance (or on paper on the day) and one of this year’s organisers can make it on your behalf and help facilitate the workshop on the day.

If you have any other suggestions on how to make suggesting sessions more inclusive on the day, please email us:

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