#radlib15 – The Huddersfield Gathering

We are pleased to welcome library and information workers from across the country to the third Radical Librarians Collective gathering in Huddersfield on Saturday 4th July [tickets available here]. After much wrangling to find the appropriate venue, we are pleased to have managed to have arranged to host the discussions at The Yorkshire Children’s Centre at Brian Jackson House.

As per previous gatherings, everyone who subscribes to the principles of the Radical Librarians Collective is welcome and encouraged to attend. To ensure that we remain free from sponsorship and any corporate influence, the gathering is free to attend with voluntary donations welcomed to cover the associated costs from ensuring it is an independent and safe space for discussion.

#radlib15, as with all gatherings of the Radical Librarians Collective, will adhere to the agreed safer spaces policy which you can read here. The safety and inclusion of everyone that attends is fundamental to the day. If you have any additional suggestions to ensure that the safer spaces policy reflects this, please do let us know.

We will be posting regular updates on Twitter over the coming weeks leading up to the conference using the #radlib15 hashtag and we will be using the blog to share more information as we approach the day of the gathering – see our dedicated Huddersfield page for updates. If you have an idea for a session, we would encourage you to pitch it in advance using the comments field on the Huddersfield page┬áthe Ethernet pad that has been created here – but please do not feel this is obligatory, pitches, as always, can be made on the day!

Stay tuned for more deets as and when and if you have any questions, do fire us a line via email or via our Twitter account at @RadicalLibs.



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