London 10.05.2014

Room 10:00-10:25 10:30-11:25 11:30-12:25 Lunch 13:30-14:25 14:30-15:25 15:30-16:30
Main Room Coffee etc Radicalising professional routes (Ian Clark @ijclark)  The push towards public library mutuals (Alan Wylie @alan_wylie) Plenary
Room 1 An apparent lack of Critical Theory in LIS? (Kevin Sanders @moananddrone)
Room 2 Gove will tear us apart – neo-conservatism and marketisation in education and what the FE college library can do about it Disseminating radical ideas (Dan Grance @DanPGrace) Libraries as a feminist issue and feminism as a library issue (Adrienne Rashbrook-Cooper @sphericalfruit)
The Balcony


For further details of the upcoming London gathering, please see the wiki.



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