1. PITCH-Critical Information Literacy using critical pedagogy. Can we chat about this. Loads coming out of US, not so much that I’ve found in UK.
    I’ll be coming at it from a HE standpoint as that’s my day job, but holistic approach shall be taken into account.
    I’d recommend giving Tewell’s lit review from 2015 a read for more context http://eprints.rclis.org/28163/

  2. I’d like us to discuss trade unionism and putting the radical before the librarianship.

    1. I get asked all the time if librarians have unions. We need to be organized

  3. I do not have any ideas for sessions myself, but if anyone who cannot be there themselves has an idea then I’d be happy to facilitate discussion on that topic.

    1. I may well be coming, and would be happy to contribute to such a discussion

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