RLC Mailing List

Radical Librarians Collective now have a mailing list.

The list is for anyone involved with or interested in RLC, and exists to develop ideas, facilitate discussion, stay up to date, and maintain contact between those supportive of RLC’s aims. In short it’s for discussion and announcements.

How to join

The RLC-DISCUSS list is on JiscMail. This is a private list, which means only list members can email the list and that list archives are not publicly available.


In using Jiscmail, you agree to the JiscMail service policies. To this we add that the RLC Safe Spaces policy applies to the mailing list as much as it does to RLC events.

We know we may need additional policies specifically for the list. If so we will develop these by consensus in consultation with RLC as a whole.


JiscMail lists have owners who administer them. For RLC-DISCUSS this is George Bray and Simon Barron, and you can contact us at: RLC-DISCUSS-request@jiscmail.ac.uk

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