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Radical Librarians in London – travel and accommodation

Tents and transit at Occupy Vancouver.
(Image via Carol Browne on Flickr.)

As with the Bradford gathering last year, we know there will be a number of people travelling to the Radical Librarians Collective in London from across the country. We appreciate that this can be a bit of a logistical nightmare for those who do not live in The South. So, as with Bradford, we’d like people to use either the wiki or the comments below to make travel arrangements, arranging to either carshare or accompany comrades on public transport. If you are travelling by car and can take passengers, or if you are travelling alone on public transport and want some company, please do use the wiki to facilitate this.

It’s not just travel that can be problematic, accommodation also presents problems. London is not blessed with ample cheap accommodation and for some, an unconference in the capital can mean a very long day if you haven’t got somewhere to crash. So, if you are attending RLC in London and have a spare room that you are willing to let people crash in for one or two nights, please do make this be known on the wiki.

To make travel and accommodation arrangements, please visit the Travel and Accommodation page on the wiki and follow the instructions there. We very much appreciate any assistance you can offer fellow attendees to ensure that their experience of RLC London is as comfortable as possible.