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The Venue #radliblon

As part of the process of using the London Action Resource Centre to host the next Radical Librarian Collective gathering, we were asked to attend a meeting hosted at the Centre and explain why we wanted to use the space and what for. We were very pleased to have the event rubber-stamped on the night and we are really pleased that the event will be hosted at the LARC, which seems to be a really fantastic venue for the day.

While we were there we thought it would be a good opportunity to have a proper look around and take some photos so we can share them with the Collective. It should be noted that they are intending to carry out some refurbishments between now and the gathering in May, so things may change a little bit between now and then!

The kitchen area is not as big as the one at the Bradford Resource Centre (apologies for the blurry photo!), but includes a fridge and a hob. This is one area that will be particularly focused on when it comes to the refurb so it will look a little different on the day.

This is the main space, the largest of the rooms we will be using on the day. This photo was taken from just in front of the kitchen area and was the space used for the main meeting on the evening we explained why we wanted to use the space. We’ll be using this area at the start of the day and for the plenary session.

This is the library space at the LARC. Unfortunately approximately half the space was in use by a reading group so it wasn’t possible to capture all of the room.

And this is the final of the three rooms that will be available to us. It’s slightly larger than the library space on the floor below so plenty of room for sessions.

One issue that we should point out is that other than the main space, the other rooms present issues in terms of accessibility. There are only stairs between the various rooms so this may present some difficulties on the day. We will need to do what we can to minimise the impact of this on those attending the gathering.

Whilst the space is slightly smaller than that which we had in Bradford, we are really pleased that we have secured the space available and we’re very much looking forward to making full use of the London Action Resource Centre.

We’ll post further information about both the venue and the gathering itself in the coming weeks but if you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us at radicallibs[at]gmail.com.