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An @RLC_SE #CryptoParty: 19/09/2015

The Radical Librarians Collective will be holding a CryptoParty from 1200-1600 on Saturday 19th September, at The London Action Resource Centre (LARC), 62 Fieldgate St, London, E1 1ES.

A CryptoParty aims to introduce practical skills to support the use of some cryptographic tools that can help to promote your online privacy. As is the custom with both CryptoParties and RLC, the session will operate on a non-hierarchical basis, although there will be some members of the group that have experience in using some of these tools. These people will be there to offer advice, understanding, and support to ensure people become more confident in the use of the tools.

We want the day to be fun and interesting, but we also want to try and help to educate one another about the importance of digital security. As librarians, we interact with communities of users that may be unaware of the extent of national and corporate surveillance enabled by web technologies. With some basic skills, we can use cryptographic tools to protect our privacy online and ensure that our digital lives are unmonitored.

The specifics can be decided by the group on the day. Tools which have been suggested include:

Creating and managing secure passwords
Web browser plugins
Encrypting harddrives / phones
TextSecure, RedPhone, Signal
Encrypted instant messaging
PGP emails
Secure operating systems

To anyone planning on attending, where possible, we advise bringing laptops, mobile devices, extension leads, USB drives, external harddrives, and the obligatory RLC samosas, of course.