London & South East code of conduct

This is a code of conduct for RLC London & SE meetings / gatherings, to be read out at the start of any meeting.

This is a collective, built on solidarity and mutual respect. We respect each other – our backgrounds, identities, ideas, and bodies – and respect the space that we have created together, online or here today. Everyone has an equal right to be heard and an equal responsibility to listen. Any behaviour – physical or verbal – that demeans, marginalises or dominates others, or perpetuates hierarchies, is not welcome. Be aware of and sensitive to the range of experiences in the room, so try to avoid assumptions and generalisations. If anyone feels uncomfortable, do not hesitate to raise this.

The Chatham House Rule applies to this meeting to enable us all to speak freely. So any information shared about discussions that took place during the meeting (including tweeting, blog posts, and face-to-face discussions) should not identify any individuals. If you are live-tweeting the discussion, check with people whether they are happy for their comments to be shared, whether attributed or not.

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